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Who doesn’t like saving money? At KARS Auto we’re determined to keep more of it in your wallet. No matter the service we’re performing on your vehicle.

We stay true to your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, by performing basic maintenance to prevent extensive repairs. We offer free courtesy checks for your vehicle. And we provide you with complete service options that fit your budget, as well as your automotive needs. 


That way, you save extra money on the exceptional services and products we provide during each visit.

Free Battery Test

Most batteries last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and extreme elements can change the life of your battery, come in for a free test today!

Tire Specials

We understand that shopping for tires can be overwhelming—and we’re here to help. You can count on KARS Auto to make the process of purchasing tires for your vehicle simple and straight-forward.

Engine Tune Up Service

With each engine comes a unique set of needs. Our expert auto technicians will help you determine which tune-up service is right for your car, based on the vehicle's past use and typical driving conditions.

  • Complete visual inspection of engine components

  • Bosch Iridium spark plug installation

  • Timing and idle setting (if applicable)

  • Lifetime warranty on parts*

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